Employee of the Quarter – Braden Bigos

 In Company News

Each quarter, Trans-Border recognizes an employee for their dedication, enthusiasm, and productivity. The winner receives a $500 monetary bonus and the coveted parking spot right outside the front door of our headquarters. The Employee of the Quarter award goes to Braden Bigos!

Braden began at Trans-Border over three years ago in our domestic operations department where he excelled and quickly took on additional responsibilities. Within a year’s time, Braden moved to Trans-Border’s export operations department and into the role he is recognized for today.

“I really enjoy how comprehensive and wide-ranging the responsibilities are in the export department,” Braden says. “There are so many small things that you have to pay attention to throughout the day to make sure the big thing comes together at the end.”

Braden is being recognized this quarter not only for his operational productivity, but also the leadership roles he has filled within his department. Braden leads the development and execution of the export department’s training program. “I like all the people,” he elaborates, “they really actually enjoy what they do.”

Braden credits his outstanding work ethic to his two every-day inspirations — his family and his drive for success. Becoming employee of the quarter is no small feat, either, Braden explains. “You have to do your best by the company and truly believe you deserve it.”

Braden finds inspiration both inside and outside the work place. “I love watersports,” Braden gleams as he depicts his upbringing on Saratoga Lake. Most especially, Braden has a true love for wakeboarding. “It’s actually my favorite thing to do.”

Congratulations to Braden for this recognition and thank you for your outstanding dedication!