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Tuesday, July 26th, 2016

bobbi eblast

Trans-Border Global Freight Systems, Inc.; A leading international logistics provider based in Round Lake, NY is proud to announce the induction of Bobbi Northup into the companies’ “Trans-Border Hall of Fame”.

Starting with Trans-Border in 1997 as Air Export Manager (Seventh company employee) and  eventually being the driving force behind opening a new Banking & Documentary Division. The efforts of Mrs. Northup had a significant effect on the growth of Trans-Border to a staff of over 70. “Bobbi Northup and her attention to detail as well as her vast industry knowledge were critical to our vision of providing the highest quality service in the logistics industry…” stated Martin B. Hellwig, President of Trans-Border.

“Passion–she had true passion for both the industry and for the best interests of our customers, we thank her and reflect on her time with joy as we were able to share so many incredible experiences and we will miss working with her” Jeffrey Millens, Executive Vice President commented. The Trans-Border Hall of Fame was started in 2015 to commemorate the achievements, honor quality work and mark outstanding contributions to the company and its customers. “Bobbi was an unbelievable person to work with on projects, but what really made her great was her love for the industry and wanting to share it with others” noted Joshua Spiegel, Executive Vice President.

Upon being notified of her induction, Bobbi Northup issued the following statement–

“I am grateful to the staff and management at Trans-Border who have my work acknowledged with this honor.  My time with Trans-Border was a highlight of my career, in part, because I was given such great opportunity to cultivate my own knowledge and to contribute that knowledge to a growing company and industry.  I really enjoyed being a part of such a dynamic team that set such high standards for our work.  I treasure the relationships I developed while working with this company; those with management, my peers and of course, with our customers. I am truly honored to be recognized for my contributions in this way.”



Trans-Border Global Freight Systems, Inc. wishes to offer our biggest congratulations and an even bigger “THANK YOU” to Bobbi. In honor of her contribution, the company will present Bobbi with a $500 gift, an engraved plaque, and a formal induction ceremony.

< We tossed in a little token of Bobbi’s past here at Trans-Border…We know just how much she loved using this handy little machine, and she was very good at it too!