CE Markings & Certification…. Does Your Product Need It?

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The European Economic Area (EEA) strictly enforces the CE marking requirements – which is a EEA-wide mandate to ensure certain imported items meet strict conformity regulations.

Part of the requirement is that the item(s) in question has the CE marking imprinted, in addition to the Certificate of Conformity (C of O) to evidence the marking. The markings, along with the C of O, attests that the product(s) meets applicable EU legislation law, thus allowing for the free movement of goods within the EEA.

cemarking_1For example, toys must comply with the Toy Safety Directive, and most electrical products must comply with Low Voltage Directive and the EMC Directive. We strongly urge that if you are selling products for free circulation with the EEA, that you ensure all CE markings requirements are adhered to – if applicable.

It is of critical importance that the procedure to comply with these regulations be carried our prior to exportation of the item(s). In addition, we strongly urge that all exporters whose items are subject to these requirements keep an open line of communication with their buyer’s to ensure there are no hold-ups at destination.

Items that do meet these requirements will be denied entry into the foreign country’s territory. This will result in fines and penalties being assessed, as well the need to either return the items to origin, or to dispose of them. These actions will result in unnecessary charges, delays and ultimately – an unhappy transaction!

The following link is considered a value tool in determining if your item(s) intended for export to the EEA requires the CE markings.

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