Breaking News: Trucker Strike in Ontario, Canada

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TruckersMore then 600 members of the Container Trucking Association of Ontario (CTAO) have gone on strike, citing reasons of unfair wages.

“We are struggling to survive”, said the Jaswinder Brar, CTAO vice-president.  Container truck drivers have not seen raises in 10 years, even for inflation, despite rising costs in insurance, fuel expenses, etc.

The strike has caused delays in the flow of containers in and out of Toronto rail yard & terminals as of today, September 14, the strike is still on-going, and will continue until an agreement has been reached.

Trans-border Global Freight Systems, Inc. is continuing to work with our Canadian partners to try and minimize the effects of this strike on the flow of shipments. We will continue to monitor the situation and keep you posted as developments happen.

If you have any questions about the strike and the effects it may have on your shipments, please contact Sumar Bhatti, Import operations Manager at, or by calling 800-493-9444.