Breaking News on Hanjin Bankruptcy

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Dear Valued Partners & Clients,

Sept 9, 2016 – Media reports are stating that a US Judge has granted permission to four Hanjin vessels to dock and unload at US ports.

Judge John Sherwood issued an order that would prevent creditors from seizing Hanjin vessels or property.

Lawyers for Hanjin told Judge John Sherwood of the US bankruptcy court that Hanjin has $10 million in emergency funding to fully service those four vessels. The vessels are the Hanjin Greece, Hanjin Gdynia, Hanjin Jungil and Hanjin Boston.

A further 14 US bound vessels were identified in court papers, but Hanjin’s attorneys did not have information on those vessels.

Trans-Border will work diligently to verify this information with its partners and will continue to update the community as details emerge.

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Brunilda Carroll – Ocean Export Operations Manager
Sumar Bhatti – Import Operations Manager