Battle Of The Lines At NY/NJ Container Terminals

 In Industry Insider, Trans-Border Global Freight Systems, Inc.

Everyone knows that NY and NJ are known for their traffic jams – but the battle now seems to be spreading to the container terminals of NY and NJ.   To give you an idea – the traffic jam outside Bayonne’s Global Container Terminal (GCT) on one day last week stretched a whopping 6 miles, and to top it off, this was mid-morning. The delays were so severe that it resulted in electronic signs being put up to alert the truckers of marine terminal delays. The local port authority even sent out an e-blast requesting truckers to temporarily avoid the terminal because of extreme traffic conditions.   So what are causing these ongoing delays? Some of the issues could be attributed to:

  • Record import levels
  • Larger container vessels calling local NY/NJ terminals (such as the 10,000 TEU vessel Zim Tianjin – which by the way, is longer than the Eiffel Tower)
  • Recent gridlock on the West Coast, which forced vessels to be re-routed to local NY/NJ terminals
  • Truckers arriving to early before the terminal gates open – thus creating longer lines

Remember – delays are not only a physical issue. Customer’s obviously need their goods as quickly as possible, but there are also concerns with waiting time charges and dry runs which can unfortunately, add up.   Delays are never fun – but some of the terminals have been extending their operating hours in order to assist the industry. We at Trans-Border work closely with our local NY/NJ partners to ensure your cargo is not affected by such events. However, it is important to remember that delays and long wait times are common at these local ports.