Industry News

Proposed Tariffs on Certain French Imports Cancelled

Late last year, the Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) proposed Section 301 tariffs be implemented on certain French products, including, wine, cheese, and handbags. The tariffs were proposed in retaliation to France’s Digital Services Tax, a tax described by the U.S. as “unreasonable or discriminatory” towards U.S. tech companies. Earlier this week, […]

U.S. and China Sign Phase One Deal, List 4A tariffs to lower

On Wednesday, January 15th, the U.S. and China ratified ‘Phase One’ of a trade agreement. The agreement, which covers a range of topics from intellectual property rights to currency manipulation, includes a purchase of an additional $200 billion in American exports by China. USTR has not yet specified the exact purchases to be made, but […]

Mass protests in France continue to disrupt port activity

In a follow-up to our story in December, France has entered day 40 of its longest continuous transport strike in modern history. The mass protests across the nation have caused disruptions at many of France’s transportation hubs, including its largest cargo ports. Our carriers are reporting shipment delays at the Port of Le Havre, where […]

Company News

Letter from Yateen – Quarterly Newsletter Q1 2020

Yesterday, today, tomorrow… by Yateen Patel I don’t know about you… but I am always reminiscing about the past. The general consensus is that reminiscing should be a good thing – maybe to recall where one started, or how one has grown over time. Even for those that like to put an emphasis on the […]

Employee of the Quarter – Josh Wallbank

Each quarter, Trans-Border recognizes an employee for outstanding work. The winner receives a $500 monetary bonus and the coveted parking spot right outside the front door of our headquarters. The Employee of the Quarter award goes to Joshua Wallbank! Josh was recognized for his positive attitude, flexibility, and willingness to help his colleagues. Josh, a […]

Welcome to Trans-Border, Jake Oswald!

Everyone please extend a warm welcome to the newest member of our sales team – Jake Oswald! Jake, a former Trans-Border team member, is excited to return after several years exploring other industries. Jake will represent Trans-Border locally in the New York Capital Region and into Vermont. Jake, a local native out of Saratoga Springs, […]

Welcome to Trans-Border, Damien Jarrett!

We would like to extend a warm welcome to the newest member of our sales team – Damien Jarrett! Damien comes to Trans-Border with nearly a decade of freight forwarding experience and will represent our organization throughout New England. Damien hails from Rochester, England, a town not too far outside London, and now resides in […]