Industry News

Truckers In India To Go On Nationwide Strike

Truck drivers across India will go on a nationwide strike commencing July 20th in protest against a number of issues including, but not limited to a steady increase in diesel prices, uncontrollable toll expenses and GST compliance issues. The All India Motor Transport Congress, the umbrella organization of transporters, has given the strike call and all […]

Typhoon Maria

Tens of thousands of people were evacuated in China’s coastal provinces.  Multiple flights were cancelled nationwide and highways have been closed as Maria, the eighth typhoon this year, slammed into East China’s Fujian Province Wednesday morning. Transportation services throughout the region have been affected including port closures and limited services in and out of the […]

Company News

Quarterly Newsletter: Crying at a Kiddie Movie

The other night I watched the Disney movie Coco with my wife and two youngest boys (16 & 14) whose arms I had to twist to watch it with us. I cried like a baby during some parts of the movie and my boys certainly made fun of me! The movie talked a bit about greed and arrogance, […]

Quarterly Newsletter – October

User ID & Passwords…OUCHY! My brain hurts – family, friends, business, life…just when you think you have finished your “To Do” List, something else pops up! Everywhere I go either physically or in the computer world, I am now required to have a USER ID and PASSWORD. I go to the grocery store – “where’s your […]