Welcome to Trans-Border, Thomas Iuppa!

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We are very excited to welcome the newest member of our team — Thomas Iuppa! Tom will manage and lead Trans-Border’s Customs House Brokerage department. Hailing from the shores of Lake Ontario, Tom comes to Trans-Border with decades of experience and an abundance of enthusiasm.

Tom’s logistics story begins in the late 1970s, fresh out of college and gainfully employed as a public accountant. One day, Tom got wind of this potential new career path called “customs brokerage” and was intrigued. Shortly after, Tom called a nearby U.S. Customs office to inquire about this licensing and found himself in conversation with the local Supervisory Import Specialist. Fortuitously enough, this Specialist would soon be teaching a class on customs brokerage and was seeking a few students to test his curriculum out on. For several weeks following that fateful phone call, Tom spent hours upon hours in the specialist’s living room, often multiple days a week, attending a crash course in customs brokerage. Tom took his licensing exam a few weeks later and passed on the first attempt.

With his license in hand, Tom was eager to find a role in a customs brokerage firm. This, however, was not so simple as the industry of the time consisted of significantly less freight forwarding companies than today’s industry boasts. After weeks of research and a lot of door knocking, Tom secured a role first as a courier, and then an entry writer, at the only customs brokerage firm in the Rochester area.

Tom’s first step into the industry turned out to be more of a leap, quickly rising through the ranks of several different logistics organizations and succeeding all over the country. Tom has touched nearly every facet of the logistics industry and taken his skills to Chicago, Atlanta, Baltimore, and Rochester (his favorite, he admits, was Baltimore).

At the turn of the millennium, Tom decided it was time to strike out on his own and, in 2001, opened Supply Chain Services LLC, a fully licensed freight forwarder and customs clearing house. Over the next 18 years, Tom managed and grew his business, expanding into warehousing and consolidation and even being granted a Free Trade Zone (FTZ) on his company’s premises.

Tom is perfectly positioned to lead Trans-Border’s Customs House Brokerage department, bringing along a flurry of new ideas and proven techniques. “I am very entrepreneurial and plan to bring that mindset to this new role,” he explains, “I’m most excited about the new opportunities and challenges ahead here.” And he is certainly not in it alone — Tom is taking command of a thriving Customs Brokerage Department. “The quality of the employee here has been very impressive,” Tom elaborates, “both in terms of their knowledge and their professionalism.”

Although it may seem like Tom eats, sleeps, and breathes logistics, he does, in fact, enjoy his down time. Tom is a highly skilled poker player — so much so that he paid for his daughter’s first two years of college solely on winnings earned in online Texas Hold Em’. He credits his skills at the poker table to the weekly game his father used to bring him to as a boy. “I used to fill in his spot if he had to leave,” Tom says, “I learned a lot during those games.”

On the weekends you can catch Tom spending time with his wife, riding their Harley Davidsons together or fishing (although, he admits, his wife is a much more skilled angler than he). Tom also has three children, whom he is extremely proud of and credits as his everyday inspirations.

We are very excited to welcome Tom to the Trans-Border team! Stop on by his desk to say hello or send over a welcome message at tiuppa@tbgfs.com.